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Revolutionizing how licensed adoption professionals collaborate – connecting them nationwide to expand opportunities for families and choices for expectant moms – in a safe environment, free from scams and bad actors.

Connect Pro
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Two Ways to Connect

Boost Connections for Families

Connect provides two ways to connect:

Direct Connections

Expectant moms connect with adopting families directly. (If a family has linked you to their account, you’d also be notified.)

Connections via Professionals

Connect Pro is the only centralized, nationwide database of adopting families. It is only accessible to licensed adoption agencies and attorneys. These professionals access exclusive filtering options to find specific families and connect directly with their licensed placement professionals to learn more.

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Filter & Find

Boost Choice for Moms

Access home-study-approved, ICPC-ready families in your state and beyond to give moms the choice they deserve. Use 10+ filters to instantly view and contact families that meet specific criteria.

Your Connect Pro dashboard gives you access to family details that aren’t available on the public site and the ability to contact a family or their professional directly.

Note: Families are prepared to pay any associated agency/attorney fees.

Robust Outreach Tools and Services

Integrate our tools into your program today!

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Connect: Online Profiles

Networked Online Profiles

Your family's profile will be live on our site within minutes and searchable by licensed professionals in the network, increasing the chance of connecting with expectant moms.


Safe Connection Filters flag any questionable behavior and notify you so you can provide guidance. You're also notified when an expectant mom reaches out to one of your adopting families.

Local Guidance with National Outreach

Families no longer have to choose between national outreach and expert guidance from a local licensed professional—our platform marries the two!

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Connect: Profile Books

Adoption Profile Books

A profile book is an essential component to your families’ outreach. Make the most of our custom profile books with:

Custom Design

Each family's unique story is captured and told across a 22-page PDF + 10 printed copies!

The Birth Mom’s Perspective

Each profile book is reviewed and approved by a two-time birth mom to ensure it keeps the expectant mom at the center of the process.

Requirements Met

Profile books can be tailored to meet agency or attorney requirements.

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Connect: Profile Videos

Adoption Profile Videos

Videos bring a family to life – offering a much more engaging way for expectant moms to learn more about a family.


There’s no technology to download (or wait to receive by mail). We know making a video can be intimidating which is why we made sure our video-making tool is the easiest to use!

Videos vs. Slideshows

Many adoption profile services provide a slideshow of pictures, and call it a video. While slideshows are nice, they are nowhere near as effective at communicating the way a video does.

Record Again (and Again)

No one ever gets the first take right! On our video platform, you’ll be asked the four questions that are most important to an expectant mom, and can record (and re-record) your answers until you get it right!

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For Adoption Professionals

You build families. We build the tools to help you do it your way.

Connect Pro


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Professional Organization Listing

Showcase your services and receive free referrals;

Access Home Study-Approved, ICPC-ready Families Locally and Nationwide

View families that meet a specific criteria and connect directly with them or their licensed placement professional.

Nationwide Scam Notifications

Keep your organization and your families safe with PairTree’s Safe Connection Filters & Adoption Scam database.

Provide Certificate-Level Education

When your families have a Connect profile, they get free access to all 60 certificate-level courses on Creating a Family.

Connect Pro Premium

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Plans start at $59/mo.

We’ll create a custom plan for your organization!

Integrate Connect on Your Website

Showcase your home study approved family profiles on your site.

Streamline the Home Study Process

Streamline the home study process for your adopting families and case workers.

Priority Business Listing & Referrals

Reap the benefits of a priority business listing, including increased referrals.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

Save money, and enjoy compliant campaigns that drive results!

Meet Adopting Families

Each of our adopting families is home study approved and working with a licensed, ethical adoption professional.

Explore Adopting Families

Filter & Find exactly what you are looking for.

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PairTree Connect FAQs

Your questions answered.

Questions? Send us an email at

Why should my organization join Connect Pro?

Why is participating in a nationwide network essential to an ethical adoption?

How does Connect help me support more adopting families?

If I refer an adopting family to PairTree, will they be referred back to me?

How does PairTree provide scam and fraud prevention?

How many expectant moms join Connect every month?

What happens if on of my families connects with an expectant mom on PairTree Connect?

What is Account Linking Magic and how does it work?

Do you support the legislation to make adoption facilitation illegal?

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