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Home Base

The home study platform designed to improve the adoption home study process for providers and the families they support.

Home Base
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What is Home Base?

A Home Study Management Platform

Home Base is a purpose-built, custom-to-your-process solution that saves you time and energy, while helping your adopting families focus on education and preparation.

Your Forms, Digitized

As a Home Base partner, we will digitize your forms and make them available online – including clearance paperwork!

Progress Tracking

View all of your home study families' progress via your online dashboard. Progress tracking helps you better plan work loads for you and your home study providers.

Auto-Reminders for All

Take advantage of auto-reminder emails to ensure families and reference writers know what’s needed. Help your families complete their home study efficiently!

Custom Task Lists

A family's task list is custom and personalized to their specific home study needs. No more "oh you can skip that..." and "don't forget to also...". Their task list is always the source of truth.

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All Home Study Types

Pre-placement reports, home study updates, second parent/step parent home study, kinship home study and post-placement reports are all supported.

Secure, HIPAA-Compliance

It’s a modern, online platform that offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant destination where families can safely and efficiently navigate your process.

Digital Reference Requests

Reference letters are requested, collected, and signed digitally. We even send out automatic reminders on your behalf. When completed, document privacy settings ensure references are visible for your eyes only.

Real-Time Collaboration

View progress and collaborate with families in real time. If families have a question while filling out forms, you can hop into the document and see exactly where they are getting stuck.

Smart Dashboards

Your main dashboard gives you high-level information on your entire case load of families - including their expiration date, assigned social worker, and contact information. You can also access your expiration dashboard to see which families have documents expiring soon.

Discounted Education

Every family receives 25% off all certificate-level education courses on Creating a Family. This coupon can be applied to already discounted course bundles on Creating a Family, which results in savings for families and creates the opportunity to take more education.

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The efficient approach to home study is here.

Home Base is built for family-centric home study providers and agencies who want to modernize adoption, and use technology to better support families throughout their journey. Together we can make the adoption experience better and safer for everyone.

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Home Base

We want to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of Home Base for home study management.

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