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From getting you free certificate-level education to helping you create your profile, book, and video, and picking the agencies and attorneys to work with – we're here for you every step of the way.

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Two Ways to Connect

What makes Connect different than other online adoption profile builders? Connect provides two ways to connect:

1. Direct Connections with Expectant Moms

Expectant moms message and connect with your family directly!

2. Connections via Licensed Professionals

Licensed adoption agencies and attorneys nationwide can find your profile via Connect Pro, our centralized database of adopting families.

Robust Outreach Tools and Services

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Online Family Profiles

Connect directly with the 10-20 new expecting moms who engage with families' profiles each month, and with the licensed adoption professionals who rely on PairTree for adopting families.

Promoted in Social Media

To give your family maximum exposure, we promote your profile across social media to a carefully curated audience.

Keeping You Safe

Our Safe Connection Filters flag any suspect behavior and notify you immediately, so you can focus on creating authentic connections.

Personality Matters

Personality is the #1 searched trait by expectant moms, which is why our profiles show off your personality type – giving an expectant or birth mom a better idea of who you are.

Profile Performance Data

PairTree profiles get views! Monitor how your profile is performing and find areas of opportunity to enhance your profile through question prompts, additional photos, and more.

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Downloadable Profile Videos

Profile videos are a much more engaging way for expectant moms to learn more about a family. And can download and reuse these videos as many times as you like in additional outreach!

If you only need a profile video (without an online profile), reach out. We're happy to help!

So Easy to Create!

We know making a video can be intimidating which is why we made sure our video creation tool is the easiest to use! There’s no technology to download (or wait to receive video equipment by mail). You can record it on your phone or a computer!

Videos vs. Slideshows

Many of the traditional services provide a slideshow of pictures...and call it a video. While slideshows are nice, they are nowhere near as effective at communicating the way a video does.

Record Again (and Again)

No one ever gets the first take right! On our video platform, you’ll be asked the four questions that are most important to an expectant mom, and you can record (and re-record) your answers until you get it right!

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Also available with connect...

Custom Profile Books

Each 22-page profile book comes with 10 printed copies and can be finalized within 10 days! If you only need a profile book (without an online profile), reach out. We're happy to help!

A Birth Mom’s Perspective

Each profile book is crafted alongside a two-time birth mom - offering your family a unique perspective that few else offer.

Capture Your Unique Story

Capture your unique story through a custom 22-page book, and offer an expectant mom a glimpse into what makes your family so special.

Agency & Attorney Ready

Profile books are still widely used by adoption agencies and attorneys. Your profile book can be tailored to meet your agency or attorney's requirements.

Start Building Your Profile

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Adopting Families

All the tools you need for adoption outreach.

We have two great plans to choose from:


Want to connect with expectant and birth moms?


/ month

with 12 month subscription

Custom, easy-to-create profile videos

Easily download and share for additional outreach!

Personality-based profile to connect with expecting and birth moms

100% off certificate-level education at Creating a Family

Access to cases/situations from licensed adoption professionals

Social media promotion

Performance analytics

5% donated to organizations that support objective options and post-placement care for birth moms

Connect Plus


One-time fee!

Everything included in a 12-month Connect plan and...

Custom, easy-to-create profile video

Download and share for additional outreach!

22-page profile book + 10 printed copies

Each book is reviewed and approved by a two-time birth mom! Must be started within 90 days of purchase.

Adoption Path Planning

We'll hold your hand throughout – providing educational materials, and help choosing which professionals to share your profile with.

PairTree Connect

Connect for Adopting Families FAQ

We want to make sure you have all of the information you need for your adoption journey. Let us know if you have other questions!

I'm working with an agency, can I still use PairTree?

Does PairTree charge me an additional fee if we match?

Matching vs. Connecting?

Does PairTree match me with an expectant mom?

How long does it take to connect with an expectant mom?

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