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"Neighbor" personality"Neighbor" personality

Meli & Azem bungu

Home study approved

Dogs or cats?

"cats" - Azem bungu

"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality

Melissa & Michael

Home study approved

Adoption Professional: Law Offices of Laurie B. Goldheim

What is the best word to describe our family?

"Nurturing." - Michael

"Caregiver" personality"Sage" personality

Curtis & Ginette

Home study approved

Do I have kids? How do they feel about a sibling?

"We have two cute kids, a little girl, who is the oldest, and a little boy, second in line. They ask for and want another sibling, especially our oldest child, since we lost our third baby half way through pregnancy. " - Ginette

"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality

Josephine & Bintal

Home study approved

Adoption Professional: Hope 4 Kids

My philosophy on parenting is...

" be encouraging. To allow a child to be themselves, and help guide them to figure out who they want to be without jugement. I want to foster an enviroment where a child is not afraid to ask questions, experiement, or make mistakes to learn. Most importantly, I want to make sure a child feels safe." - Josephine

"Caregiver" personality"Neighbor" personality

Angela & Cale

Home study approved

If I could choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be:

"Pizza because you can top a pizza with just about anything, so it's a loophole that allows me to continue eating whatever I want." - Cale

"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality

Erin & Jonathan

If you had to live on an RV or sailboat for the rest of your life, which would it be?

"As a musician, I've spent time on tour busses. If that qualifies as an RV, I think I could live full-time on an RV. They're pretty comfortable." - Jonathan

"Neighbor" personality"Caregiver" personality

Spencer & Jacob

Home study approved

Adoption Professional: Adoption & Beyond

Dogs or cats?

"Dogs; I work with them and wouldn't have it any other way!" - Jacob

"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality

Lia & Michael

Home study approved

Adoption Professional: The Cradle

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

"Neither, I am an atheist." - Michael

"Jester" personality"Caregiver" personality

Sarah & Cole

Home study approved

Adoption Professional: Haven Adoptions

We are the best choice because…

"Our future children will grow up in a home where mom and dad compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses, with a home full of warmth, love, and laughter for all." - Cole