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Adoption is complex.

The adoption process doesn't have to be.

We provide licensed adoption professionals with custom home study and outreach tools to better support the modern-day needs of adopting families and expectant moms they serve..

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Let's make it better, together.

Welcome to Modern Adoption

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We give licensed professionals the tools they need

We provide licensed adoption professionals with modern home study and matching tools that meet the present-day needs of the adopting families and expectant moms they serve.

Adopting families are required to have a licensed adoption professional connected to their account.

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Harness the power of the internet, while preventing scams

The internet is part of adoption. That's why licensed professionals on PairTree have visibility into their families online activity and access to our alerts on banned users to prevent scams.

We are the leaders in preventing scams!

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Inclusivity matters to us

We partner with licensed adoption professionals who believe all family types should have a path to parenting via adoption.

All are welcome here.

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From start to forever

We make sure expectant and birth moms know their rights and immediately connect them a local licensed professionals to make sure they get ethical guidance and access to services they need.

We believe in empowering choice and control for expectant and birth moms.

PairTree changed our lives forever. We are a family now. We can't say enough nice things.

Seth & Barret

Adopting Family

It's time for change

The conventional model is limiting and misaligned with giving expectant moms true choice.


With PairTree, adoption professionals create exponential, ethical, and safe opportunities for the adopting families and expectant moms they serve.

(Home study)

Home Base

Our custom-to-you home study platform streamlines the process for home study providers and adopting families alike.



Home-study approved adopting families build online and printed profiles give expecting & birth moms true choice, while we monitor major markers to keep adopting families safe.

Nationwide network


Access our nationwide network of licensed, ethical legal professionals – including adoption agencies and attorneys to guide you through the legal process.



We ensure professionals have the care and support resources they need to support their families once the adoption is finalized.

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