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We're here to make the adoption process better
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Adoption is complex.

Your adoption process doesn't have to be.

Connect to licensed professionals and services needed to navigate private adoption in the healthiest way possible.

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PairTree helps you plan and manage your adoption path so that you can healthily navigate private adoption.

Welcome to Modern Adoption

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Adoption needs more collaboration

With the rise of open adoption and our dependence on the internet, adoption requires a more collaborative approach to serving families.

That's why we partner with licensed, ethical adoption professionals in every State!

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Empowering choice and control

A one-size-fits-all adoption approach doesn't work. Enabling people to plan and manage their own unique path with ethical, licensed professionals lays the strongest foundation for open adoption.

Thousands of people use PairTree to plan their adoption paths!

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Inclusivity matters to us

PairTree ensures every family has a path to parenting via adoption – regardless of faith, age or family structure.

All are welcome here.

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From start to forever

From healthcare to housing, support groups to education, we'll connect you to the services you need on your journey before, during and after an adoption is finalized.

PairTree changed our lives forever. We are a family now. We can't say enough nice things.

Seth & Barret

Adopting Family

It's time for change

Conventional adoption can be confusing, long and coercive.


PairTree partners with licensed, ethical professionals to make sure you have the connections you need to healthily navigate private adoption in the US.


Home Study

We partner with licensed professionals to bring you a streamlined home study process full of perks like free certificate-level education, online profiles and so much more.



For home-study approved adopting families, personality-based profiles and outreach give expecting & birth moms true choice, while we monitor major markers to keep families safe.



Access our nationwide network of licensed, ethical adoption professionals to guide you through the legal process.



We’re committed to ensuring families have the support they need to navigate the dynamic relationships that are created before, during and after an adoption is finalized.

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We're here for you.

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