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We’re Here to Help

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Adoption is complex.

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PairTree helps you plan and navigate your adoption journey as healthily as possible, from education to home study to outreach and placement.

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Get Home Study Approved

Beyond completing your home study with the guidance of our experienced, licensed home study providers, make the most of the process with benefits like:

Accessible Education

We provide discounted certificate-level education courses to our families via Creating a Family, saving most families at least $200.

Families also get access to free educational events, 1:1 consultations with our team of adoption specialists, and unlimited, expert-created guides, videos, and more!

User-Friendly Technology

97% of families say they concentrate more on "getting through the logistics" than preparing themselves to adopt.

Not anymore! We use technology to shift the focus from paperwork to preparation, saving time better spent on education and outreach.

Ethical Providers

Our connected professionals are here to make your adoption journey as happy and healthy as possible, from your adoption home study to post-placement.

1:1 Support

Your licensed home study provider will guide your process, and our team of adoption specialists - including a birth mom, adoptive parents, and adoptees - will be here to support you as well.

Find a PairTree approved provider in your state!

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PairTree Connect

PairTree doesn't prescribe a one-size-fits-all process or “match” families. Our platform empowers you to manage your outreach and connect directly, supported by your team of adoption professionals.

And we created personality-based profiles that give an expectant mom a better idea of what her child’s life could look like. Every profile includes:

  • Personality-based profile with unique prompts
  • Profile videos (for Connect Plus families!)
  • Performance analytics
  • Social boosting to promote your profile nationwide
  • 5% profits donated to support lifetime healing for birth moms

Connect also includes:

Adoption Profile Books

Included in our Connect Plus plan... A profile book is an essential part of adoption outreach. Designed side-by-side with our Community Manager and Birth Mom Jess, your personalized 22-page book will capture your story, help create a connection, and offer an expectant mom a glimpse into your life - the life her child could potentially have.

Free Access to Situations

It takes a connected, invested village to make the right connections between expectant moms and adopting families.

With our Connect network of licensed professionals searching for families to meet their birth mom's criteria, you receive access to cases and situations around the nation.

Unlimited Education

We believe that a healthy adoption starts with quality education. All Connect services come with unlimited certificate-level education via Creating a Family. And you receive invites to free educational events along with insightful guides and articles created by adoption experts.

5% Donated

5% of your Connect subscription is donated to organizations that support objective options and post-placement care for birth moms!

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adoption 101

The Essential Adoption Guides

Exploring adoption and may not know where to start? You're not alone. We've created the Essential Adoption Guides you'll need to begin your adoption journey.

A Couples Guide to Adoption
Get the Guide

A Single Parent's Guide to Adoption
Get the Guide

An LGBTQ+ Parent's Guide to Adoption
Get the Guide

Our Complete Guide to the ICPC Process
Get the Guide

The Expectant Mom's Guide to Adoption
Get the Guide

Adopting Families FAQs

Your questions, answered.

We want to make sure you have all of the information you need for your adoption journey. Let us know if you have other questions!

How do I adopt?

What’s the difference between an adoption agency, adoption attorney and PairTree?

What types of adoption does PairTree help with?

How can I fund my adoption?

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