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Adopting Families

Adoption Professionals

PairTree support and services are ALWAYS free for Expectant Moms 

For Adoption Professionals

You build families. We build the tools to help you do it your way.

Connect Pro


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Professional Organization Listing

Showcase your services and receive free referrals;

Access Home Study-Approved, ICPC-ready Families Locally and Nationwide

View families that meet a specific criteria and connect directly with them or their licensed placement professional.

Nationwide Scam Notifications

Keep your organization and your families safe with PairTree’s Safe Connection Filters & Adoption Scam database.

Provide Certificate-Level Education

When your families have a Connect profile, they get free access to all 60 certificate-level courses on Creating a Family.

Connect Pro Premium

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Plans start at $59/mo.

We’ll create a custom plan for your organization!

Integrate Connect on Your Website

Showcase your home study approved family profiles on your site.

Streamline the Home Study Process

Streamline the home study process for your adopting families and case workers.

Priority Business Listing & Referrals

Reap the benefits of a priority business listing, including increased referrals.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

Save money, and enjoy compliant campaigns that drive results!

Our services include:

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Connect Pro Network

Licensed adoption professionals nationwide use Connect Pro to connect with families (or you on behalf of one of your families) – expanding opportunities for adopting families and choices for expectant moms.

Connect Pro includes:

Custom business listing

Referrals to expectant moms and adopting families

Access to home study approved, ICPC-ready families

Nationwide scam notifications

Professional networking

Pro-to-Pro communications

A dashboard to track your families

Get started with your FREE professional Listing!

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Connect for Families includes:

Easily shareable Online Family Profiles

Account linking magic to you, their licensed pro!

Social boosting to maximize visibility

22-page custom Profile Books

Unlimited, certificate-level education

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Home Base for Home Studies

Home Base is an affordable solution that costs $100 per home study.

Some providers choose to absorb this cost into their existing fee structure, while others may add the $100 as a separate line item in their home study process. The flexibility allows you to choose what works best for your agency and families.

The custom-to-your-process solution saves you time while streamlining the home study process for adopting families and your case workers.

Built by adoption professionals for adoption professionals, Home Base acts as your spare brain, so you can focus on what matters most.


Expiration Date Tracking

Custom Task Notifications

Agency Dashboard & Case Worker Dashboards

References Collected Digitally

Discounted Education via Creating a Family

Completed PDF Document Access

HIPAA-Compliant Software and much more....


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