When I 
found out I was pregnant, I...
Made an abortion appt...
So did every 
woman that lands on this page.
You're not alone.
We're here for you – whether you explore adoption or not.

Why PairTree?

You have options

We encourage you to explore all of your options: parenting, terminating and adoption. You can move at your own pace, and we'll empower you to determine your best path forward. No pressure.

The more control you have over your options, the more confident you'll feel in your choice.

You have choices

If you want to explore adoption, you can connect directly with adopting families that have been approved to adopt and to ethical adoption professionals to help guide you on your adoption path.

We believe expecting and birth families should have access to the nation of adopting families.

You have control

While you might not feel it now, you can control your adoption journey. You decide what's important to you, you decide how much involvement you want, you decide which families to connect with, how far the conversation goes and the level of support you need.

On PairTree, you make connections on your terms.

You have us, always

You're not alone. On PairTree, you can connect to the support services you need before, during and after the adoption is finalized.

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You have rights.
If you choose adoption, you have the right to....


Coercion-Free Options


Access to the Most Families


Separate Legal Representation


Power Over Your Own Process


A Post Adoption Contact Agreement


Lifetime Post-Placement Care

How PairTree works for you.

Everything you need to make an informed decision and find exactly what you're looking for



View as many personality-based profiles as you want to find exactly who you are looking for without pressure to choose a family.



Access our nationwide network of licensed, ethical adoption professionals to guide you through the legal process.



We’re committed to ensuring families have the support they need to navigate the dynamic relationships that are created before, during and after an adoption is finalized.

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We're here for you.

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You have questions. We have answers.Best of all, you have choices.

Jess Nelson, Community Manager at PairTree and two-time birth mom

Jess Nelson

Community Manager at PairTree

As a two-time birth mom, ask me anything. No question is off limits, and all conversations are free and completely confidential.
Text or call me at (206) 279-7578

In an open adoption, personality matters.

PairTree reveals the personalities of the adopting families – the leading indicator of how a family will behave – giving expectant and birth parents a values-based idea of what a future would be like.

"Jester" personality
"Ruler" personality
"Creative" personality
"Lover" personality
"Magician" personality
"Rebel" personality
"Explorer" personality
"Sage" personality
"Neighbor" personality
"Caregiver" personality
"Hero" personality
"Innocent" personality
I knew what I wanted -- and found exactly what I was looking for!


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