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"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Jonathan

When we argue, what’s it about?

I’m going to sound so lame. but we don’t really argue. The closest we come is if I need help around the house and I’m not good at communicating that sometimes. He's my best friend! (Lame I told you!)

- Linda

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"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Ryan

Dogs or cats?

Dogs, they are goofy, motivational and affectionate.

- Ryan

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"Caregiver" personality

If I could choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be:

pancakes and popcorn. I actually really try to put good things in my body but pancakes and popcorn are my jam.

- Crystal

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"Ruler" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Tom

Favorite season and why?

Fall. I love the color changes, and the crisp air. It is the best hiking weather. I am so thankful to live in an area that has all the seasons!

- Melina

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"Caregiver" personality

What scares you?

No being a mother I always dreamed I would be

- Mikola

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"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Dan

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

I believe there is a higher being, something that keeps us moving. I also grew up in a practicing household.

- Joe

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"Sage" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Brett

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the night sky?

I love looking for satellites that look like slow-moving stars across the sky. It's kind of rare to be able to spot one, so it's a fun thing to look for!

- Brett

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"Hero" personality"Neighbor" personality
& Jacob

We are the best choice because…

We are stable. My wife and I have the financial freedom to stay home full time with our child and we can provide financial freedom and independence for the future of our family.

- Jacob

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"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Cassidy

What scares you?

Uncertainty definitely scares me. Just not knowing what the outcome of a situation will be. But I try to meditate every day and know I just need to react to events that happen in a calm, centered way.

- Cassidy

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