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"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Jonathan

If I could choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be:

Definitely potatoes. My favorite food is French fries so it just makes sense!

- Jonathan

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"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Ryan

If I could change one thing about the World, it would be...

that no one, especially a child, would ever experience any type of abuse. Another way to experss that would be that everyone would treat each other with love, respect, and kindness.

- Matt

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"Caregiver" personality

Complete the sentence, “I can’t live without……”

My faith.

- Crystal

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"Ruler" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Tom

My favorite website is (...not your Facebook page :)):

Google, because i can research anything.

- Tom

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"Caregiver" personality

In five years, our relationship with our birth mother will...

It all depends on their wants. I’m open to open and closed adoption, so I’m willing to hear what they want and us figuring out the best way to make it happen so both parties feel fulfilled.

- Mikola

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"Hero" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Dan

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the night sky?

I'm always reminded how small we are by looking at the night sky. It puts things in perspective for me.

- Dan

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"Sage" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Brett

My favorite YouTube video is: (paste the full link)

I love game show and news bloopers! I can watch clips of news anchors or game show contestants messing up for hours and laugh. 🐢🍇🙀 (IYKYK)

- Lauren

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"Hero" personality"Neighbor" personality
& Jacob

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

I grew up in church. I'm not a perfect Christian, but I believe and trust in Jesus and try to live with compassion, love, joy, and patience.

- Jessie

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"Caregiver" personality"Caregiver" personality
& Cassidy

We are the best choice because…

we would provide a loving home that is filled with kindness, understanding, and fun!

- Tyler

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