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Adopting in Utah

Adoption in Utah

Utah is home to three amazing national parks - Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches. In Utah, any adult over 10 years older than the child may adopt, but there are a few stipulations regarding cohabitation between adults and adopting together. If this is your situation, you may want to look further into those laws. Reasonable pregnancy-related expenses for the Birth Mom may be covered by the Adoptive Family (medical, counseling, legal, living) for up to three months postpartum. For star gazers, Utah is home to the most International Dark Sky Parks.

Home Study Providers in Utah

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Adoption Attorneys in Utah

8 Adoption Agencies in UT

4 AAAA Attorneys in UT

Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys

  • Attorney
    Dale M. Dorius
    29 S. Main, P.O. Box 895
    Brigham City, UT 84302
    (435) 723-5219
    (435) 723-5210
    Services Offered Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Intercountry Adoption, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Mediation
  • Attorney
    Derek J. Williams
    3920 South 1100 East
    Salt Lake City, UT 84124
    (801) 466-4266
    Services Offered Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Mediation, LGBT Family Formation, Private Networking
  • Attorney
    Larry S. Jenkins
    50 East South Temple Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111
    (801) 350-7632
    (801) 212-2146
    Services Offered Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Intercountry Adoption, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Mediation, Special Needs Children, Private Networking
  • Attorney
    Lance D. Rich
    50 East South Temple Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111
    (801) 350-7621
    (801) 212-2153
    Services Offered Assisted Reproduction, Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Intercountry Adoption, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Special Needs Children, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Surrogacy
  • Agency
    A Baby Step Adoption
    340 Morgantown Road
    Suite 2
    Reading, PA 19611
    (610) 376-9742
    Services Offered A Baby Step Adoption Agency is led by an AAAA Director with over 30 years of legal and adoption experience. Our agency specializes in full service, newborn baby adoption throughout the United States.
  • Attorney
    Adoptions First LLP
    1100 Glendon Ave
    Floor 15
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    (800) 658-8284
    Services Offered Adoptions First has provided the most caring and professional adoption services for over 30 years. Since 1988 we have dedicated our services & experience to adoptive parents and birth parents. Adoption is not only our work. It is our passion, our personal stories, and our life’s calling.
  • Agency
    Adopt America
    111 N.E. 1st Street, Suite 902
    Miami, FL 33132
    (305) 984-2154
    Services Offered Adopt America is a licensed child placement agency in the State of Florida. We provide home study services mainly to residents of S. Florida and some other locations throughout Florida. We offer placement services when we are working with a designated birthmother/birth parents but no waiting list.
  • Agency
    Caring Adoptions
    11601 Katy Freeway
    Suite 222
    Houston, TX 77079
    (281) 920-4300
    Services Offered Caring Adoptions is a full service adoption agency that has been finding families for children since 1991. Although located in Houston, Caring Adoptions works with Birthmothers throughout Texas, and Adoptive Parents throughout Texas and the United States.

Who’s Waiting to Adopt in Utah

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Personality Type

Most Common Personality Types Amoung Waiting Families on PairTree

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Caregiver Magician Jester

No. of Adoptive Familes in Utah*

1 families

Average Age

38 years old


Most Common Professions Amoung Waiting Families on PairTree

SAHM and bookkeeper Magician/entrepreneur Stay at home mother Electrician

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    & Brian

    • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the night sky?

      I love the vastness and the mystery. But there's also connection. So those feelings, all bundled up into one, are the first thing that come to mind. The next is aliens. ;) - Rebekah

Traveling For Your Adoption in Utah

Length of ICPC
in Utah

N/A days


Utah adheres to the Interstate Compact On The Placement of Children (ICPC) – a uniform law in all 50 States that establishes procedures for the interstate placement of children. The ICPC also places specific responsibilities on those involved in placing the children. The three principle goals of the ICPC are to:

Protect the children being placed.
Ensure that they receive the services they need.
Facilitate permanent placements for those children who are in state custody

Adoption Law FAQ in Utah

Advertising Law Info

  • Can adoptive parents advertise for birth parents?
  • State Advertising Code of Law
    Citation: Ann. Code § 62A-4a-602(2)(b)

    An attorney, physician, or other person may not:

    1) Issue, or cause to be issued, a card, sign, or device to any person indicating that he or she is available to provide child-placing assistance

    2) Cause, permit, or allow any sign or marking on or in any building or structure indicating that he or she is available to provide child-placing assistance

    3) Announce—or cause, permit, or allow an announcement—in any newspaper, magazine, directory, or on radio or television indicating that he or she is available to provide child-placing assistance

    4) Advertise by any other means that he or she is available to provide child-placing assistance

Adoption Law Info

  • Who Can Adopt?
    Single adults who are 10 years or older than the child, married couples (with one parent 10 years or older than the child), a stepparent, or a legally separated adult. Individuals that are cohabiting must be legally married in order to adopt.
  • Can out-of-state residents finalize an adoption?
    Yes if child was born in Utah, or is a Utah resident.
  • Can adopting parents use an adoption facilitator or another paid intermediary?
    Yes, but only a licensed child-placing agency may be used. An attorney, physician, or any other person may aid in placing a child for adoption, but no payment can be made unless it is to cover customary legal and/or medical fees.
  • What birth parent expenses may be paid, and in what time period?
    Reasonable adoption related expenses, including, but not limited to medical, legal, living, transportation, and counseling. No law regarding time limit, but the expenses must be limited to the pregnancy and confinement, usually six weeks after delivery. Three months is not unusual in practice.
  • When does consent become irrevocable? If consent is revoked, is return to birth parent automatic?
    Upon signing, unless fraud, duress, undue influence, or lack of capacity proven. Return not automatic, but unless parental rights are terminated, return is likely.
  • Qualifications for Adoptive Parents for adoption
    Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 78B-6-117; 78B-6-118: Admin. Code R512-41-3
    A child may be adopted by adults who are legally married to each other, including adoption by a stepparent. A child may not be adopted by a person who is cohabiting in a relationship that is not a legally valid and binding marriage under the laws of this State.
    When a child in the custody of the division is placed for adoption, the child shall be placed with a married couple unless:
    • There are no qualified married couples who are willing and able to adopt the child.
    • The child is placed with a relative.
    • The child is placed with a person who has already developed a substantial relationship with the child.
    • The child is placed with a person who was selected by a parent or former parent of the child.
    • It is in the best interests of the child to place the child with a single person.
    A person adopting a child must be at least 10 years older than the child adopted. If the petitioners are a married couple, only one of them need beat least 10 years older than the child.
    In regulation: Prospective adoptive parents who apply to adopt a child in the custody of Child and Family Services, including kin or division employees, must meet the following requirements:
    • Complete the adoption training program approved by the division
    • Be assessed and approved as adoptive parents following completion of a home study

Home Study Info

  • Elements of a Home Study for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Code § 78B-6-128; Admin. Code R512-41-4
    The preplacement adoptive evaluation shall include:
    • A fingerprint-based State and national criminal history records check
    • A report containing all information regarding reports and investigations of child abuse, neglect, and dependency for each State the person has lived in for the previous 5 years
    In regulation: An adoption evaluation must be consistent with the standards of the Child Welfare League of America and must include the following:
    • An autobiography or psychosocial information gathered from the prospective adoptive parents and family members
    • A behavioral assessment of the prospective adoptive parents and children living at home
    • A declaration that applicants are not cohabiting in a relationship that is not a legal marriage
    • A health status verification of the prospective adoptive parents and children living at home
    • A verification of financial status
    • An assessment of home safety and health
    • An assessment of the prospective adoptive parents parenting skills
    • A recommendation of the types of children that may be appropriate for the prospective adoptive parents
  • Grounds for Withholding Approval for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Code § 62A-2-120
    A person may not be approved as a prospective adoptive parent if the person has been convicted of:
    • A felony that constitutes any of the following:
    o Child abuse
    o Commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child
    o Abuse or neglect of a child with a disability
    o Endangerment of a child
    o Endangerment of a child
    o Child abuse homicide
    o Kidnapping
    o A sex offense, including sexual exploitation of children
    o Aggravated arson, burglary, or robbery
    o Domestic violence
    • A felony committed within the past 5 years involving:
    o Aggravated assault
    o Mayhem
    o A drug-related offense
  • When Home Studies Must Be Completed for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Code § 78B-6-128; Admin. Code R512-40-3
    A child may not be placed in an adoptive home until a preplacement adoptive evaluation, assessing the prospective adoptive parent and the prospective adoptive home, has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of this section.
    The preplacement evaluation must be completed or updated within the 12-month period immediately preceding the placement of a child with the prospective adoptive parent.
    In regulation: A record of the approved home study shall be maintained in the Division of Child and Family Services Management Information System. Any significant changes in the family’s situation shall be documented by revisions or additions on an annual basis in the adoptive study, including revised medical reports, if needed.
    At the end of a family’s third year as an approved prospective adoptive home, Child and Family Services shall notify the family that their home study will be closed unless the family reapplies for a new home study to be completed.
  • Postplacement Study Requirements for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Code § 78B-6-129; Admin. Code R512-41-8
    A postplacement evaluation shall be conducted and submitted to the court prior to the final hearing in an adoption proceeding. The postplacement evaluation shall include:
    • Verification of the allegations of fact contained in the adoption petition
    • An evaluation of the progress of the child’s placement in the adoptive home
    • A recommendation regarding whether the adoption is in the best interests of the child
    In regulation: The division will develop a Child and Family Plan within 30 days of placement and supervise the adoptive parents, including frequent visits with the child for at least the first 6 months after placement. Supervision by the division will continue until the adoption is final.


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