Adoption is changing.

90% of adoptions are open.

That means creating a direct relationship from Day 1 is invaluable – as is finding the most compatible match.

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Choose the family's personality

Our profiles reveal the personalities of the adopting families – the leading indicator of how a family will behave – giving expecting moms a better idea of what a future would be like.

JesterThe life of the party. Transforms the mundane or intimidating into something fun. Spontaneous, playful, witty and focused on the here and now. Jesters bring joy to the world through humor, fun, irreverence–and a little mischief. They live for the moment. And possess an insatiable desire to experience every emotion to the max.
"Jester" personality
RulerBorn to lead. Responsible and organized. Can calmly create order from chaos. Rulers strongly respect hard work, authority and, often, patriotism. They are completely comfortable volunteering to take charge. It’s not a desire to lead, but the actual quality of their leadership that sets Rulers apart.
"Ruler" personality
CreativePrizes self-expression and being entirely original. Driven to make the world better. Constantly paving the way for others to follow. Creators are described as artists and inventors, full of imagination and drive to build things of enduring meaning and value. They understand sacrifice and can balance risk with reward. They pride themselves on infusing their everyday life with creativity and achieving the goals they set.
"Creative" personality
LoverFeels all the feels. Does everything with passion. Likes to please others. Lovers have attentive, intense and very personal connections and create intimate moments that inspire love. The Lover personality is associated more with commitment and faithfulness than romance and sexuality. Their lives revolve around emotions and feelings.
"Lover" personality
MagicianExcels at identifying potential in people and situations. Bends over backwards to make everyone feel special and make dreams come true. Magicians are often referred to as visionaries and innovators, and have strong beliefs in their dreams and abilities. Though their personal connections abound, Magicians can be difficult to understand due to their deep connection with the universe.
"Magician" personality
RebelSwims against the current. Not afraid to think or act differently than societal norms. Questions status-quo. Often described as revolutionary, deriving power from the people. Rebels are free-minded, free-spirited and let nothing stand in their way or control their desires. They are the true representation of what it really means to be the captain of your own ship.
"Rebel" personality
ExplorerSeeks a better world, with a focus on the journey. Enjoys getting lost. Values authenticity and anything that helps them feel free and pioneering. Explorers find inspiration in travel, risk, discovery, and the thrill of new experiences. Sitting still makes them jittery and restless. They crave adventure, feed on new experiences, and value their freedom.
"Explorer" personality
SageValues wisdom and continuous learning. Excels at research. Committed to gaining deeper insight and building on their expertise. Sages often serve as a mentor or advisor, happily sharing their point of view. They’re skilled at identifying the obscure meanings behind events, seeing most of what they experience as a life lesson.
"Sage" personality
NeighborThe friend you want. Seeks connections and belonging. Supportive, faithful and down-to-earth. Can talk to anyone–one of their most distinct qualities. Neighbors are rooted in an underlying value that everyone matters. They are the building blocks of the world who restore our faith in humanity.
"Neighbor" personality
CaregiverOozes compassion, generosity, and a desire to help. Protects and cares for others, with unparalleled selflessness. Caregivers exhibit exponential concern and attention, willing to help the people they come in contact with, be it friends, family, strangers, or even foes. Their generosity inspires everyone around them and fills receivers with an immense amount of gratitude.
"Caregiver" personality
HeroEmbodies boldness, ambition, competence. Possesses a strong moral character. Triumphs over tragedy and beats major challenges–often inspiring us all. Heroes are on a mission to make the world a better place. They thrive on bravado and seek every opportunity to display their formidable sense of courage.
"Hero" personality
InnocentValues traditions and the simple things in life. Makes time for everyone. Guided by goodness, nostalgia, and wholesomeness. Innocents exhibit happiness, optimism, safety, and youth. They are easily impressed by anything and everything, making them brilliant audiences for performances. The innocent is best defined by sheer positivity and optimism.
"Innocent" personality

I never thought we’d be matched on a site like this, but it happened in less than two weeks!

Max & Kelsey

Adopting Family

The Benefits of PairTree Matching

Modern adoption requires modern solutions to creating highly-compatible connections, ethically, safely and transparently.

Connect directly

Connecting directly allows you to start building your relationship from Day 1 – after all, it the two of you who will determine what the future holds.

We're looking out for you

Interactions are subject to our Safe Connection Filters – where we constantly track four major markers, so you can focus on connecting, not investigating.

Clear value

Information is power. We provide analytics on how your profile is performing – along with helpful data on the activity of our Community.

We keep our Community balanced

For expecting moms, we provide the most choice (and encourage pickiness!). For adopting families, we provide the most opportunity to connect. Ensuring a healthy ratio is how we keep our Community balanced.

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The Stories That Motivate Us

Seth & Barret: matched in two weeks!

"PairTree made the process of connecting with a birth mom transparent, and simple, in a way no other service or agency could. We’re forever grateful to PairTree for being the platform that connected us with Iris, the birth mom of our almost one-year-old son Estes and a part of our daily lives."

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