The days of “matching” families are over.

90% of adoptions are open.

That means the adopting family and birth family will be connected in some capacity forever. It also means the old and limiting way of "matching" doesn't work anymore.

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In an open adoption, personality matters.

PairTree reveals the personalities of the adopting families – the leading indicator of how a family will behave – giving expectant and birth parents a values-based idea of what a future would be like.

"Jester" personality
"Ruler" personality
"Creative" personality
"Lover" personality
"Magician" personality
"Rebel" personality
"Explorer" personality
"Sage" personality
"Neighbor" personality
"Caregiver" personality
"Hero" personality
"Innocent" personality
I never thought we’d connect on a site like this, but it happened in less than two weeks!

Max & Kelsey

Adopting Family

The Benefits of PairTree Connect

PairTree doesn't prescribe a one-size-fits-all process or “match” families. Our platform empowers you to connect directly, supported by your licensed adoption professionals.

Account Linking Magic

Families don't have to choose between national outreach and guidance from a local licensed professional. PairTree marries the two with Account Linking Magic: Home study-approved families create profiles linked to their licensed adoption professional, ensuring guidance throughout.

Pro-to-Pro Connections: Licensed adoption professionals can connect with each other regarding specific families they wish to present to expectant mothers

Safe Connection Filters

All interactions are subject to our Safe Connection Filters – where we constantly track three major markers, so you can focus on creating authentic connections.

You are immediately notified if a marker is flagged.

Clear Performance

We provide analytics on how your profile is performing – along with helpful data on the activity in our Community.

Information is power.

Profiles That Get Views!

Profiles that don't get views are a waste of time. Every month, between 10-20 new expecting moms view and engage with families profiles on PairTree. Every expectant mom is connected to a local-to-her licensed adoption professional in our network, and is encouraged to use the filters on PairTree to view online profiles of adopting families that align with her criteria.

We never have more than 10 adopting families for every one expecting or birth family.

I knew what I wanted - and found exactly what I was looking for!


Birth Mom

Two men standing side by side smile at the camera.

The Stories That Motivate Us

Seth & Barret: connected in two weeks!

"PairTree made the process of connecting with a birth mom transparent, and simple, in a way no other service or agency could. We’re forever grateful to PairTree for being the platform that connected us with Iris, the birth mom of our almost one-year-old son Estes and a part of our daily lives."

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Connecting is becoming more social.

PairTree families don't need social media accounts to do outreach in social media.

Step 1

Create an online profile

Think about what makes you different, and amplify that in your profile to make it easier for an expecting or birth family to get to know you.

Step 2

We promote your profile

More eyeballs on your unique profile means more opportunities to make a strong healthy connection.

Step 3

Watch your views rise!

Lean on your team of adoption professionals to help you navigate opportunities safely and ethically.

PairTree Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

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