Expectant Mother Bill of Rights

By Jess & Erin

January 14, 2023

3m read

Ensuring Expectant Moms and Birth Moms know their rights is just one of the ways we are modernizing the adoption process - helping to make it safer, more transparent, and more ethical.

A note from Jess

When I first met Erin, I was drawn to her passion. Not just for PairTree, but for expectant and birth mothers. Not only did she make me feel seen, but she truly values my perspective as a birth mom…in fact, most decisions PairTree makes in regards to the expectant and birth parents we serve, I'm asked for my input, perspective, and approval. I can’t even begin to explain how rare that is in the adoption industry - for a birth mother’s perspective to be valued as highly as an adoptive parents.

Over the last two years, I’ve been able to help educate hopeful adoptive parents and help make positive change here at PairTree and I am so excited about our newest feature - our Expectant Mom Bill of Rights. We are so proud to announce that every expectant or birth mom that registers with PairTree will now receive our Bill of Rights to ensure she knows what she can and should expect while navigating an adoption process.

These are the minimum requirements that must be met in order to ensure adoption remains a safe and ethical option for women, which is now more important than ever. From our 5% Fund to the Expectant Mom Bill of Rights, I’m so proud of the work we do at PairTree to empower expectant women in their choice - no matter what that is.

We believe that as an expectant mother, you have the right to…

Coercion-Free Options

You have the right to objective information on your options, as well as the support and resources you need to make an informed decision free from coercion.

Unlimited Access

You have the right to direct access to as many families as you need to find exactly who you are looking for without pressure from anyone to choose a specific family. Your choice of families should not be dictated by the limited families available in the adoption professional’s immediate network.

Separate Legal Representation

You have the right to your own attorney, at no cost to you, ensuring that you are able to make an educated, informed decision and receive adequate explanation of the legal process from a non-biased party.

Power Over Your Process

You have the right to give birth in the hospital you choose with a doctor you choose. You should never be asked to fly to another state at any point during your pregnancy.

A Post Adoption Contact Agreement

You have the right to create a Post Adoption Contact Agreement, or Open Adoption Agreement, to set expectations for future communications and lay the groundwork for relationships with the adopting family. (Open Adoption Agreements set reasonable expectations and help hold all members of the triad accountable.)

Lifetime Post-Placement Care

You have the right to free post-placement support forever. It is vital for birth mothers and PairTree is proud to support the Lifetime Healing Foundation in their mission to provide post-placement care for women across the US.

Jess & Erin Erin Quick is the CEO and Founder of PairTree, and more importantly, a two-time adoptive mother. Jess Nelson is the Community Manager at PairTree, as well as a birth mother. Together, they created the Two Perspectives series to take important adoption related topics and offer both of their perspectives - from two different sides of the adoption triad.