The Em•Power Method: A Seven-Step System for Embryo Donation

By EM•POWER with Moxi

November 28, 2022

6m read

In order to streamline the process, EM•POWER with Moxi has developed a seven-step system called the EM•POWER Method.

While you may not do each step in this order, it’s important to know all the steps involved:

  • Step One: Education

  • Step Two: Mental Health

  • Step Three: Preferences for Matching

  • Step Four: Obtain Clearances

  • Step Five: Write the Legal Contact

  • Step Six: Embryo Transfer

  • Step Seven: Relationships

The EM•POWER Guidebook

Whether your interest is as a potential donor or recipient, download the EM•POWER guidebook. It explores the important elements of embryo donation:

Part 1: Embryo Donation 101 – General Information 

Part 2: The EM•POWER Method 

Part 3: Key Elements to Consider

Download the Em•Power Guidebook

Learn more

For more education, access to support groups and virtual events, information on how to join the EM•POWER embryo donation community and access to the first-of-it’s kind embryo donation matching platform, Moxi Matching, visit EM•POWER with Moxi or email the team at

EM•POWER with Moxi EM•POWER with Moxi is an organization dedicated to all things embryo donation. With personal and professional experience in the field, they are on a mission to educate others about this unique path to parenthood.