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New Jersey




Master’s Degree



Political Affiliation:

Lean Left

I'm super competitive when it comes to...



Complete the sentence, “I can’t live without……”

My amazing family and friends, a meaningful life, and love.


In five years our relationship with our child’s birth mother will…

Be exactly what you hope it will be. I would love to follow your lead.


If you had to pick a famous person to play you in a movie, who would it be?

Jennifer Garner! She's an awesome mom to her kids and a genuinely good, kind, and funny woman. People sometimes tell me we look alike!


Dogs or cats?

I'll go with both -- my dog (Henry) and cats (Puma and Cougar) probably wouldn't be too happy if I picked sides!


We are the best choice because…

I will love your child unconditionally, and I will do all I can to help make all of your dreams for your baby come true.


What is the best word to describe our family?



My favorite place in the World is...

London. I was born in England, and I spent a lot of time in London growing up. I have such incredible memories of childhood adventures in and around London. I can't wait to share them with your child!


My neighborhood is a good place to raise a family because…

The people are amazing and welcoming, and the schools are fantastic. There is so much for families and kids to do, and people make an effort to get to know their neighbors. I love it here!


My philosophy on parenting is...

Love unconditionally and provide never-ending support


Three years from now, I hope our child’s birth mom is…

Happy, healthy, and as involved in her child's life as she would like to be.