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Adopting Families

We collaborate with licensed adoption professionals nationwide to connect you with the resources you need to plan and manage your adoption journey in the healthiest way possible.

Why PairTree?

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Plan and manage your path

Most adopting families work with at least three adoption professionals on their journey. We collaborate with licensed agencies and attorneys across the country to help you create a unique-to-you plan to manage your adoption journey in the healthiest way possible.

We'll help you choose the path and professionals that work best for you.

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Pack more value into your home study

The licensed home study providers who partner with PairTree get to pack all kinds of perks into the process for you. From unlimited education, online profiles, profile books, access to cases/situations and more!

Spoiler: You won't find more value anywhere else!

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So much more than an online profile

Our Connect platform amplifies the opportunities for expectant and birth moms to connect with you directly – all the while guided by your licensed adoption professionals.

Education, profile books, social media outreach and cases/situations through licensed, ethical adoption professionals are all available on Connect!

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Support when and where you need it

From "waiting" to post-placement, families often underestimate how much support they'll need. Before, during, and forever after the adoption, we’re here with critical information, adoption expert-authored content, connections to licensed professionals and a real-life community of adopting parents and birth parents.

You'll have a team supporting you at every step!

A man and woman rest on the couch; they both look at a screen she is holding.

Adoption is family-building benefit...

Most employees don't know if adoption is included in their family-building benefits plan through their employer. Good news! We partner with the largest family-building benefits groups in the world to help adopting families path through adoption in the healthiest way possible.

Not sure if you have coverage? We can reach out to your employer to ask for you!

This is not a "throw some pics up there and cross your fingers" profile site. There is way more to PairTree.


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Home Study

We partner with licensed professionals to bring you a streamlined home study process full of perks like free certificate-level education, online profiles and so much more.



For home-study approved adopting families, personality-based profiles and outreach give expecting & birth moms true choice, while we monitor major markers to keep adopting families safe.

Nationwide network


Access our nationwide network of licensed, ethical legal professionals – including adoption agencies and attorneys to guide you through the legal process.



We’re committed to ensuring families have the support they need to navigate the dynamic relationships that are created before, during and after an adoption is finalized.

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