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Adoption Professionals

PairTree's platform enables licensed adoption professionals to meet the evolving needs of adopting families and expectant moms.

Together, we will.

To improve adoption, we need to work with the best (that’s you!). Let's collaborate and make a difference!

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Collaboration, not Competition.

When licensed adoption professionals collaborate, the adoption process is safer and healthier for everyone. Our referral network connects expectant mothers and adoptive families to your organization, while our platform provides you with custom software to improve the home study and outreach processes.

Technology that Protects

Our technology helps to identify and notify adoption professionals of scams nationwide using our Safe Connection Filters, nationwide scam alerts, and a growing database of known scams. (Simply create a business listing to get on the scam alert list.)

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Mix & Match the Services you Need

Pick and choose which services make sense for you. We’ll customize the experience – and private-label it so that your organization name, ​logo and brand are front and center. From home study to outreach. Educating adopting families to marketing your organization – we can help.

PairTree powers the tools you need to better serve your organization, expectant moms and adopting families.

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Learning that Never Ends

Our expert-speaker series hosted by adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and professionals is coordinated with you and your adopting families in mind. We'll send you the invites – making it easy for you to share with your families.

Join our monthly PRO-support group and connect with professionals like you across the country to share best practices, find support on touch cases, and build friendships.

Our nationwide community — agencies, attorneys, social workers — meet monthly for our Pro Support Group to find support, camaraderie, and advice.

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The Adoption Enablement Platform

You build families. We build the tools to help you do it. Our software enables you – the licensed adoption professional – to meet the evolving needs of adopting families and expectant moms.


Home Base for Home Studies

The custom-to-your-process solution saves you time while streamlining the home study process for adopting families and your case workers. Take advantage of the HIPAA-compliant software:

  • Expiration Date Tracking
  • Custom Task Notifications
  • Agency Dashboard & Case Worker Dashboards
  • References Collected Digitally
  • Custom Education Course List via Creating a Family
  • Completed PDF Document Access

Schedule a demo or send us an email to see Home Base in action.

Home Base includes unlimited certificate level education courses on Creating a Family!


Online Profile Network

No need for adopting families to choose between a national online presence and expert guidance from a local licensed professional—PairTree marries the two. Adopting families link their online profile to you, their licensed professional so that you can guide their matching journey!

Connect also provides:

  • Scam Protection Filters
  • Access to Cases/Situations
  • Shareable Link
  • Social Promotion
  • Profile Analytics

Custom Profile Books

Our custom, 22-page profile books are built alongside a two-time birth mom. Each book captures the unique personality of the family it's created for and includes:

  • Custom Design
  • 1:1 Guidance and Review from a 2x Birth Mom
  • Agency Requirements Met
  • 8.5 x 11 Digital PDF
  • 10 Professionally Printed Books

Adoption Professionals Network

We want to adopt families and expectant moms to find you! Create a free listing on PairTree to connect with those exploring adoption and seeking a state-licensed expert. Your listing enables you to:

  • Generate Referrals
  • Make Professional Connections
  • Pro-to-Pro Communication

Reach a greater network of moms, families, and fellow professionals!

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Let's make adoption better, together.

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